About Me

My family name is Chong (张) and my given name is Kwek Yan (国远), but I am sometimes called Kwek by my friends. I am an ecologist and a botanist, and I am also a practising Buddhist.

This blog is a personal one, started long ago to pen down my musings. That was before I had ever imagined I would become an academic scientist. Today, I muse a great deal more about science and environmental issues, as well as the interface between science and religion. As much as I can, I have resisted the temptation to whitewash my older posts, as silly as they might read in retrospect, because it was after all whom I was.


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  1. bb said,

    1 May 2012 at 10:18

    Dear Dharma Friend, just chanced upon your blog … am very glad to know of an articulate and pertinent channel for Buddhists in Singapore ! Am not sure if you know us, but this is our Buddhist society: http://www.casotac.com “Amituofo !” bb 🙂

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