An invasion ecology paper in Chinese

I had some fun trying to read a scientific paper (Lee and Shieh, 2005; 特有生物研究 7:1) in Chinese today. It’s really refreshing to see some of the standard ecology phrases and concepts in such a different form!

The defintion of invasive species:


“When non-native bird species endanger native biodiversity, they are termed as invasive species. Types of impacts of invasive species include predation, competition, exclusion, genetic pollution, and the transmission of diseases and parasites.”

The invasion “stages”:


“There are four stages involved in exotic bird species invasions: transport, introduction, the establishment of [wild] populations, and spread.”

On propagule pressure:


“The probability of successful establishment of wild populations by non-native species is correlated with the number and frequency of release events as well as the the number of individuals released in each event.”

On resource-use overlap and competitive exclusion:


“The use of the same resources by organisms will result in competitive exclusion, usually leading the species that is the weaker competitor to be in danger of extinction.”

And just for fun, something about statistics:


“Two-tailed chi-squared tests of non-independence and non-parametric tests of comparisons were conducted, with the level of significance at 0.05.”


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