A prayer with palms together

Let us put our palms together and pray:

As a first step, may we be generous to others.
At the least by making a habit of giving to the needy,
Giving not just goods but also time, energy, and our smiles.
May we win in our struggles to forgive,
And to give the gift of fearlessness,
Over and above to give the gift of Truth.

Next, may we treat others as we would have others treat ourselves:
To treasure their lives and welfare as we treasure our own;
To respect their property and their bodies;
To learn to use our mouths as a source of truth, gentleness, empowerment, and inspiration.

To do so, we must develop a heart of love and kindness,
That has the quality of giving happiness;
Let us develop a heart of compassion,
That has the quality of taking away suffering;
Let us take delight when others are delighted;
Let such a heart stand like a large boulder,
Unmoving in the eight winds
Of pleasure and pain,
Gain and loss,
Praise and blame,
Fame and infamy.

Let us then turn to our minds,
Train it patiently as we would train our children.
Not just to watch it grab, push, and run around,
But also to discover its breathtakingly serene brilliance.

As The Water settles and stills,
May we come to see and reflect things as the way they are,
Contingent upon causes and myriad conditions,
And in seeing so become at peace.
May we thus arrive at the other Shore,
The very same Shore as the Teachers past.

May the Teachers guide us,
May our Friends help us,
May all beings and I together,
Achieve the highest and final Awakening.


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