Being the change is a terrible place to stop

The Story of Stuff was a video made a few years back that has come to represent the message of current environmental thinking.

Now, a (shorter) sequel, The Story of Change, has been made:

While this time I didn’t find the content quite as “revolutionary” as the first, there was a part that struck me:


… as Gandhi said, “be the change”… Living our values in small ways shows ourselves and others that we care, so it is a great place to start

But it is a terrible place to stop!

After all, would we even know who Gandhi was if he just sewed his own clothes and sat back, waiting for the British to leave India??


How true.

There are usually two modes of thinking among the Singapore Buddhist community. One mode clamours for change, asking that Buddhists review their rather apathetic approach towards spreading the Buddhadharma. The other mode believes that as long as we work hard at our own practice, it would naturally rub off on people around us, so there is no real need to “actively” engage in missionary work.

Extending from what Annie Leonard says in the video, working hard at our own practice is a great place to start, but it would be a terrible place to stop, if we want to address the decline of Buddhism.


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