Life is a constant fight

It is the nature of the Body to have to fight.

The Body
fights gravity to stand,
fights inertia to walk,
fights friction to speed up,
fights the pressure to breathe air,
fights the elements to stay alive.

It is also the nature of the Mind to have to fight.

The  Mind
fights sleepiness to awaken,
fights depression to stay glad,
fights anger to be kind,
fights cruelty to be compassionate.

But there is something else inside us that need not fight.

If it fights, one suffers just as the Body and Mind fight.
Yes, even as one fights for the right things, the wholesome things.

But if that one thing is at peace,
and it learns not to fight,
even as the Mind and Body
fight to help all beings and ourselves,

No struggle,
No strain,
No conflict.

Standing is Happiness, Walking is Happiness, Breathing is Happiness.
Holding the umbrella up against rain and shine, we are Happy.

Fighting hard to save all beings, we are Happy.


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