I wish he was really a Zen Master…

He trashes my ego from his relative position of power.

He regards me with scorn, disdain, contempt, to hide himself from his own inadequacies.

He intentionally refuses to acknowledge my strengths, my abilities, my existence.

It would be a stretch for me to regard him as a Bodhisattva right now.

But thanks to him I have learnt:

How it would have paid for me not to have returned foolishness with foolishness.

How my instant reactions to personal injustices are usually foolish.

How difficult it is to bite back and hold in all those impulsions.

And before one day
I can stop being
so needy
for affirmation
and handle it all with grace,

I bitch and rant
to friends and family,
and learn a fourth lesson:

Thank goodness for them!


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