Death opens doors to the Deathlessness

My life
has been surrounded
by death.

That’s why,
what else could I have been
but Buddhist?

Death opens our eyes to the Truth.

Marriages, birthdays,
Celebration and revelations,
No doubt we have them in our lives.

But really
So are
Deaths, destitution, debilitation, depression.

To close our eyes to half of everything around us,
Is to distance ourselves from the Truth.

Not just Buddhas and Bodhisattvas,
but everyone, you and me,
sees the Four Sights just like Him.

The only difference is that we chose not to look
not to ponder
not to face
and therefore not to be liberated.

Let me embrace every death I am about to face
including my own.
Let me see my true, original, deathless face
so that everyone can see their own.

Happy Vesak Day.


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