Conservation… for all.

Start a global World War II type mobilization to shift to more benign energy technologies and thus reduce the chances of a world-wide conservation disaster caused by rapid climate change.

Reading this sentence struck me deeply. While admittedly such war-mongering language would invite criticism by the overly critical, think about it: isn’t environmental conservation just like waging a humanity-wide war?

The hardest battle, as the cliched adage goes, isn’t fought against the opponent. It is against oneself. Likewise, where it had been

“Human versus Nature”

since humans evolved, as Humans strove to subjugate the forces of Nature to survive, then build empires and become more prosperous than his neighbour, now it is

“Human nature versus Human nature”

, where those who are convinced that this is a self-destructive path to take try to convince the unconvinced.

Environmental conservation should not change the war to be about Humans versus the backlash of Nature against human-wrought changes. Building sea dykes and sequestering carbon into the ground? When will the Human struggle against the external ever end?

It should be about Humans awakening to the realisation of their own inner nature: the nature to overcome and outcompete everything else. And then waging a struggle against this inner nature.

How different is this from the struggle against one’s own nature for spiritual liberation? Spiritual struggle is a war against the destructive tendencies in oneself too.

And in both cases, when the winds blow away the clouds, the moon shines forth.


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