How’s this for a New Year resolution?

Those who are aspiring for New Year resolutions can try this one for a refreshing change. As if New Year resolutions are not hard enough to keep already!

From the scripture that gives us the Great Compassion Dharani (known in full and in Chinese as something like this: 千手千眼观世音菩萨广大圆满无碍大悲心陀罗尼经). It’s text number 1060 in Volume 20 of the Esoteric group in the Taisho Tripitaka, and I’m not usually one who’s overflowing with interest in Tantric Buddhism, but I thought the spirit of the prose is just wonderful.

May I fast understand all Phenomena
May I soon gain the Wisdom Eye
May I fast deliver all Beings
May I soon gain Benevolent Expedient Means
May I fast ride on the Boat of Transcendental Wisdom
May I soon cross the Sea of Suffering
May I fast gain the Way of Precepts and Tranquility
May I soon climb the Mountain of Extinguishing
May I fast rendezvous with the Natural Home
May I soon be One with the Truth Body

我若向刀山 刀山自摧折
If I face Mountains of Daggers
   The Dagger Mountains will shatter their blades
我若向火汤 火汤自消灭
If I face Cauldrons of Fire
   The Fire Cauldrons would smother their flames
我若向地狱 地狱自枯竭
If I face the Prisons of the Underworld
   The Underworld Prisons would wither
我若向饿鬼 饿鬼自饱满
If I face Ghosts of Hunger
   The Hungry Ghosts would be satiated
我若向修罗 恶心自调伏
If I face the Demigods of War
   The Warring Demigods would be subdued
我若向畜生 自得大智慧
If I face the Birds and Beasts
   The Animals would gain great wisdom

Many thanks to the chanting at the 7-day Zen retreat. It sounds alot better in Korean than it did in Mandarin.


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