Crazy Wisdom from Persia

This is a most interesting story that Zen Master Wu Bong shared with us, and I feel that I must share it on.

The Mullah Nasrudin was a Sufi mystic that, at least to me, sounded more like a Zen Master.

In the village that Nasrudin lived there was a cafe (of sorts) that he liked to visit. Outside this cafe there hung a huge lantern.

One night, a friend of Nasrudin found him on all fours on the ground beneath the lantern, looking around as if searching for something.

“Mullah,” he asked. “What are you looking for?”

“I lost my ring!” Nasrudin replied.

“Oh you lost your ring! Let me help you find it. Where did you lose it?”

“There.” Nasrudin pointed.

And the place he pointed to was nowhere under the light of the lantern. It was a dark spot further down the street.

“There?!” the friend cried incredulously. “Then why are you searching for it here?!”

The Mullah looked at him, as if he was asking the simplest question on earth.

“Because only here, I can see!”

And so how many of us are like this? Especially us living in a so-called scientific and modern world. We are most comfortable of searching for answers to life in the realm of the known, although more likely than not it lies in the realm of the unknown.


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