An Orbituary, Buddhist, for once…

Have you ever seen a Buddhist orbituary?

I haven’t, until today’s Sunday Times:

A year ago, Dad departed for his auspicious return to the Celestial Brotherhood of Tavatimsa and the Pure Congregation of Amitabha.

Amidst our sorrow, we rejoice in his reunion with Mum after twenty-three years of early separation. As the grief from missing Dad and Mum is being healed, we reflect constantly and perpetually on their fifty years of selfless love, nurture, guidance and valuable lessons of life.

Dad and Mum continue to inspire us to be righteous and magnaminous. They are the Bodhisattvas who had led us by example. In unison with Buddha, they are in Pure Land and close to us through concurrent presence in Tavatimsa. Their voices come to our prayers and bring along actions, speech, efforts, livelihood, contemplation, concentration and mindfulness.

They are in our hearts and minds when we are at work and congregate at home. We will continue the tradition of their pilgrimage to the Wutai’s golden terraces, Ermei’s silvery summit, Putuo’s crystal isles and Jiuhua’s lotus ridges to venerate the Enlightened.

Too long-winded and not quite something I would like to have on my own orbituary, but a change for once, from being “called home to be with the Lord” (and half the time even though the deceased wasn’t Christian, all thanks to the insensitive, insistent, converted children).

May this Lee family be well and happy.


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