The Mind

From Bhante Dhammika’s “Gemstones of the Good Dharma“:

The world is led around by mind,
      by mind the world is plagued.
Mind is itself
      the single thing
which brings all else beneath its sway.

Mind precedes all things;
      mind is their chief, mind is their maker.
If one speaks or does a deed
      with a mind that is pure within,
happiness then follows along
      like a never departing shadow.

Difficult to detect and very subtle,
      the mind seizes whatever it wants;
so let a wise man guard his mind,
      for a guarded mind brings happiness.

Wonderful it is to train the mind
      so swiftly moving,
            seizing whatever it wants.
Good is it
      to have
      a well-trained mind,
for a well-trained mind brings happiness.

As a fletcher straightens an arrow,
      even so
one who is wise
      will straighten out
      the fickle mind,
            so unsteady and hard to control.

No mother
      nor father
      nor any other kin
            can do greater good
            for oneself
than a mind directed well.

Love without covetous greed,
      fill your mind with benevolence.
Be mindful and one-pointed,
      inwardly stable and concentrated.

There are five strands of sensual pleasure
      with the mind as the sixth;
by overcoming desire for these
      one will be freed from suffering.

My mind is firm like a rock,
      unattached to sensual things,
no shaking
      in the midst
      of a world
            where all is shaking.
My mind has thus been well-developed,
      so how can suffering come to me?

Whether he walks
      or stands
      or sits
      or lies,
a monk should take delight
      in controlling all thoughts.
Such a monk is qualified
      to reach supreme enlightenment.


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