Why I contribute

If I wish to establish inner stillness,
I put in effort by sitting in meditation each day.
If I wish to liberate all sentient beings,
I put in effort by valuing the friendships that I have.
So why do I still shamelessly keep advising my cute juniors?
Why do I still stubbornly get involved in more Buddhist youth work?
Why do I spend more time talking and typing Buddhism than Biology when I’m at work?
Why do I still try to keep old fellowships alive?
Easily I can retreat into an ordinary life,
Easily practising meditation as normal,
Easily going for practice sessions and retreats,
Not needing to bleed and sweat and cry.
But I believe that this is the City Bodhisattva’s practice.
This is a Bodhisattva’s City life.
For Spiritual Friendship is the whole of the Holy Life,
Not some Hermitism in my HDB’s tiny shrine.
As so happy when I am able to help,
So pleased when I seem to have made a difference.
So delighted that people continue to inspire each other,
I relinquish all claims on the merits I may have made.
Day by day I mould my mindfuless,
Day by day I give myself up as an anchor for my friends.
Day by day my inner stillness settles,
Day by day my friends and I continue on a happy path.
Day by day Stream-enterers are made,
Day by day Bodhisattvas are sworn to Buddhahood.
Like a rolling stone that gathers moss,
Like lovely webs of stardust that fly all around.

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