Dharma In Action – Buddhist Youth Conference 2008


Calling all engaged Buddhist youths and Buddhist Youth Leaders!

You believe in Buddhism and its value to today’s society. You have always thought of doing more for Buddhism and you are constantly seeking new channels to reach out and share the wonderful Teachings.

Dharma In Action: Buddhist Youth Conference 2008 (www.dharmainaction.net) will be a platform for all Buddhists to gather and share experiences in organizing Buddhist activities and Dharma propagation. On 23 August 2008, we will be discussing milestone Buddhist events organized both in Singapore and overseas. Major lessons learnt will be shared together with the ups and downs of organizing such activities. The speakers will also be sharing with us on their motivations and what keep them going.

Following lunch, we will continue our discussion on the various efforts expended by Buddhists in both music and entrepreneurship. We will explore music and its role in Dharma propagation. We will also be speaking to Buddhists who are entrepreneurs to hear their thoughts on how Buddhism helps them in their businesses.

If you are looking to meet like-minded Buddhist youths or seeking new ideas in Dharma propagation, join us at the conference!

For more details on the event, please log into our website at http://www.DharmaInAction.net or contact the following:

Bro Victor Lim

Bro Teo Puay Kim


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