Umbrella Dharma

I threw glances at the pouring sky.
I was about to leave for meditation at 报恩寺, but it kept raining…
I started mulling over not going. Then I finally decided: go and buy an umbrella.
And so I did.
And after buying the umbrella, the heart and light and the mind was easy, and I strolled happily in the rain, sloshing through the wet paths.
And so it occurred to me:
When it rains, you have 2 options.
Stay in the shelter, or go ahead and do what you need to do.
Going ahead means there are 2 options.
Walk in the rain, or walk with an umbrella.
All of us want freedom to go wherever we want, whenever we want. But sometimes the sky pours and threatens to restrict our freedom. There are those that (like me before I bought my umbrella) reason that the rain is harmless, stiffen their jaws and get themselves wet. But the real freedom is not this kind of intellectual dismissal of rain: the reality is that I may get a chill!
What’s so difficult about just taking out an umbrella?
Just be careful about the snails crossing the pavements.

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