My friends, listen to me!

what is Wisdom?
Wisdom is Peace.
What is compassion?
Compassion is also Peace.
Peace in the mind,
The heart is never clouded by disappointment,
The eyes can see clearly,
And the feet always knows where to go next.
Peace amongst minds,
The heart is never clouded by anger,
The mouth will always be kind,
And the hand always holds a gift, never a sword.
What is this Peace, then?
Where to find Peace?
When will Peace come?
When with both blue skies and cute storm clouds,
Both sun and snow,
Both work and play,
Both luck and misfortune,
We are still glad.
Peace is not found in the liquor bottle,
Not in cars nor crass jokes.
Not in TV shows nor love songs,
Nor in lies and crimes.
When anger or dislike arises,
We know immediately.
Staring it down,
It fades before we can hurt others and ourselves.
When greed or selfishness arises,
We feel it immediately,
Staring it down,
It no longer causes disappointment.
But we lament,
Easier said than done.
The mind does not listen to me,
My heart is not strong.
Then peace comes when we finally resolve
"We’ve had enough of this!
I want to be happy!
I’ll do whatever it takes!"
Breathing in, peace flows in,
Breathing out, peace flows out.
The weak mind runs and resists,
But we’ve had enough, we want to be happy.
Soon the mind becomes strong,
Peace fills in from the air.
More and more we know,
This is the way to reach there.
Not in songs nor shows,
Not in money nor wine.
Not in flattery nor fun,
We finally find our home.

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