Silent Night, Holy Night

Silent Night,
Holy Night…
Far North in Lumbini,
All is calm, all is bright.
Right hand clutching the branch,
From Her armpit the Blessed Lord is born!
The Mother of Purity,
Her Virtue like snow.
The King of Strength,
A tree amongst men.
From such noble background,
The One Thus Comes.
Seven steps the Babe stumbled,
Lotus blossums belaid His path.
Heavenly showers spilled forth,
The jars of angels bathed Him.
"All praise the Lord!
All praise Ye, the Lord!
The angels herald the Coming!
The angels herald Thy Coming!
One finger up, one finger down,
The Blessed Babe cried,
"Heavens above and lands below,
I am the Lone Honoured One!"
With this the Babe fell back on His humps,
Like any other babe would.
A beautific smile graced His lips,
And peace serenades the forest.
Holy infant, so tender and mild!
Sleep in heavenly peace…
Silent Night,
Holy Night…

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