We know how to suffer, but do we know how to stop?

We have feet
But do we stand?
We have buttocks
But do we sit?
We have eyes
But do we see?
We have ears
But do we hear?
We have minds
But do we light candles?
We have flames
But do we put them out?
We have thoughts
Thoughts of being successful
Thoughts of being happy
Thoughts of teaching others
Thoughts of helping others
Thoughts of getting what we want
Thoughts of being who we want to be
Thoughts of getting past today
Thoughts of being happy tomorrow
We know how to think
But do we know how to stop thinking?
Put everything down
Pick nothing up
We can traverse world systems like a fish in water
The bud
Slipping through
The mud
When the lotus blooms, the fragrance is everywhere!

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