There is no mask.

2 years ago, I remembered that I posted an entry about my confusion over myself, wearing so many masks…
Today, I have the answer.
Isn’t it hard enough to be just one person? Why do we have this tendency to split ourselves into so many different parts, just to play different roles?
All of us Dharma workers have phases in our lives when we are at a "spiritual low". Unmotivated to practise, we go back to what we term the "mundane world". Back to pop music, tv programs, crude language, lewd jokes, laughter-and-banter friends.
We say that we are at a "spiritual low".
But then the Zen master would retort,
"WHO is at a spiritual low??"
Is there a spiritual self that is different from the normal self? Are there 2 separate individuals living in the same body, one feeling depressed and unmotivated, the other living life normally, doing work, enjoying play?
We have made the mistake of separating the Dharma from our lives!
Only when there is this self-imposed schizophrenia will we ever have this "spiritual low", or identity crises.
If we can see Dharma in our every day lives, our work, our footsteps, our bus trips, our baths, our meals, our chats with our friends, the trees and birds around us, the sky, the sun, then there is no problem of being separated from the Dharma! There is no separate person feeling "spiritually low", because we are surounded by spirituality! "Dharma is not just meditation, puja or Dharma talks." – how many of us truly apply this saying? There is nothing that is not Dharma! Everything is Dharma!
To live at peace with the world, we must be one with the world.
To live at peace with ourselves, we must be one with ourselves.
My friend, may you not be separated from yourself. Sukhi hotu.

1 Comment

  1. Davis said,

    24 November 2007 at 22:08

    actually, I always wake up as a different person every morning, I guess I have been changing mask, well not to say it\’s a mask but it\’s the skin I guess, I have different perception of things each days I wake up, and I am very scared about this coz it leads me to the question, who am I?

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