Burning with too much Ego, from too much Dharma

Is it possible to have too much Dharma? Is it possible that learning Dharma makes the ego grow bigger?
It often happens.
The peaceful sage should have perfect Equanimity. Equanimity would mean being unmoved by the Eight Winds: Gain or Loss, Pleasure or Pain, Praise or Blame, Fame or Infamity.
Often it is easier for us to identify ourselves against the negativeness of 4 of the Eight Winds. So most of us aim to cultivate a peace of mind against Loss: to let go, and be generous about giving, not to be attached to our possessions and our wants, so that when we lose things, we are not upset; against Pain: to accept that pain is temporary, a sensation, a condition, and it comes and passes, and that to fight against and resent the Pain brings more mental anguish; against Blame: to try not to expect results, to give in our best effort and then let go to the conditions that we cannot control, to not let our inner serenity be affected by the fear of unsatisfied looks; against Infamity, where even if enemies hate you, you learn that at least there are friends and family around, and that you love yourself, and learn not to hate the enemies back, to stop the vicious cycle.
However, it’s harder to keep in our minds that the other 4 Winds are also dangerous. How can gaining more things be bad? How can pleasurable sensations that make us happy be dangerous? Don’t we all like praise? Don’t we all like to be sought for advice?
True Sitting Meditation is sitting like a boulder in the howling wind, a stump of a dead tree trunk in the storm, a mountain amongst the arctic blizzards. Unmoved by ALL of the eight winds. No regret, but no pride. No giving, no giver, nothing given. No attainer, no attainment. No Bodhisattva.
The moment Ego arose from sharing the Dharma or learning the Dharma, the ‘Bodhisattva’ falls into hell.
When the Dharma Ego arises, I think the best way is to keep my mouth shut for some time, try not to talk too much Buddhism, be mindful, and meditate more.

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