NUS admin steps in to mute student awareness of Myanmar issue

A group of Burmese students (~200 strong) wanted to hold a candlelight vigil in Kent Ridge Campus to raise awareness for Myanmar and the value of peace. Across SMU, NTU and Bukit Timah Campus, similar students have come together attempting to make a coordinated effort. Their spirit is admirable. The SMU president and the Law Dean of NUS showed their firm support and various Professors from Kent Ridge Campus were willing to address the candlelight vigil.

Sadly, when the Burmese approached OSA to get approval, they were first delayed with the usual ‘we need more information, could you provide us with more details, we need to submit for approval, it would take some time’ bureaucratic red tape. Finally, they met up with the Deans of Student Affairs and were turned down with the reason that ‘this activity does not have any academic value’ and ‘does not fit into the NUS culture’. Even more disgustingly, they are attempting to intervene in Bukit Timah Campus to scale down their event.
Sad sad sad sad sad. In fact, disgusting. For a so-called University of the 21st Century, attempting to produce the Global Citizen with Universal awareness and the various programs wanting a ‘vibrant’, ‘community-spirited’, ‘culturally-engaged’ student life, I can see that it’s all hypocritical.

I am planning to write to the Provost, President and the OSA deans via email to express my disgust. The Burmese students have put in so much effort sacrificing their time in the midst of mid term tests in order to pull this event off as soon as possible, and now they’re so disappointed.

The press will also be interested to know that NUS has decided to mute down this event. I am planning to write to the SPH forum to let them know.

This is just to let you guys know also. Anyway the university has successfully prevented the Burmese students from doing what they need to do. All we can do is to raise awareness of the issue amongst our own friends.


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