Fool goes whimpering back to his teacher

I became an egoistic fool.
They call it
Being mauled by the dogs of Mara outside.
The Fool,
Comes whimpering back to the Teachings.
Now I yearn again
To be a simple Student of the Dharma.
I promise not to be full of myself
Not to think I have mastered anything!
My Arrogance was overblown
Please teach me Humility again.
My Anger was overflown
Please teach me Gentleness again.
Gain and Loss
Pleasure and Pain
Praise and Blame
Fame and Disrepute
Eight winds have tossed me around like a sapling in a storm!
Please teach me Equanimity again!
I no longer care how the Universe began.
I no longer care where I would go after death.
I no longer care whether gods or ghosts exist.
I no longer care whether time is a circle or a line.
I no longer care… about alot of things that a young upstart me used to care.
I humbly accept
That the most valuable miracle
Is to be free from suffering
An no other miracle is worth as much attention
I pray for Clarity of Mind
To see things as they are
Not out of my own conceptions
But to unveil the mist around my eyes
I pray for Strength of Mind
To Hold on to the Clarity
Not to Glimpse and then Go
But to continually Let Go
I pray for Peace of Mind
That comes with Clarity and Strength
A peaceful lake with no Winds blowing
Where every ripple is as clear
And as enjoyable
As any other day.
Please accept me as a Student. Thank you.

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