Last thoughts of the old year

I’ve been feeling down recently.
Every so often, I would feel down in the dumps and become uninterested in the things happening around me. I would not feel like studying, don’t feel like handling the responsibilities such as my CCA stuff, I would become disinterested in all my favourite past times, such as watching tv or reading… All I would feel like doing is to lie on my bed. But I can only lie down for so long before feeling restless.
This mood comes so very often, since my secondary school days. It has come before when I was preparing for exams in the past semesters, when I was the wushu Vice-chairperson, and also the time when I was the resource director of BS. It would affect my sense of responsibility; I would start to avoid the things that had to be done.
It had happened at a time when wushu was facing serious problems, and there seemed to be no hope for reviving it.
It also happened when I looked at the situation in BS where everything seems hopeless.
Right now, I also see all the innate problems in BS, and that it is inevitable that the quality and standard of people and activities would continue to drop until something miraculous happens.
That was also the reason why I did not do a good job as i would have been expected to do, as the Vice-chair of wushu and as the resource director. Now it looks set to affect my job as the president. I’m just tired of how I always end up facing all the impossible challenges.
Even when I didn’t have all these responsibilities, I would still feel down and uninterested in everything. I wouldn’t confide in anyone either, for one because I didn’t think that anyone would be interested or no one would show me any concern anyway. No one would empathise or sympathise with me, cos it’s my own problem. Everyone has their own problems anyway.
Then after feeling rotten for a couple of weeks, I would slowly recover and become my usual self again.
That’s all for 2006. It’s a lousy way to bring my year to an end, but I guess there’s nothing I can do about it now.


  1. yiehl said,

    31 December 2006 at 17:56

    Cheer up! everyone goes thru the same moodswings..don\’t be too harsh on yourself =)

  2. KC said,

    1 January 2007 at 21:14

    Hey dude,
    relax those feelings are not yours. like all feelings they will come and go. welcome the new year!

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