Chess playing

I’m not a good chess player.
It’s said that the best chess player is the one that can think more moves in advance.
The more moves you think ahead, the larger the number of permutations and combinations of scenarios to keep in mind. That’s why a supercomputer can play excellent chess.
I’m not the type that is systematic, and being systematic is required to go through all the permutations thoroughly, not missing out a single calculation.
I’m also not the type that can remember all the different scenarios for comparison to make the best choice.
At the very most, I manage to think 2 or 3 steps ahead. Most of the time, I even rely on gut feeing. Of course, sometimes i analyse logically.
But I suck at chess.
Sometimes we are both the chess player as well as the chess piece. Sometimes we bring in new pawns. It seems a little inhumane to treat every problem like a chess game.
I can’t do it with my own problems, because I’m too blinded by my emotions.
But it seems remarkably useful when trying to advise other people about their problems.

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