Cleaning the Fool

Frowning, as you step into the Abode
Forcibly pushing back the past days
Deeds of Cruelty, Mindlessness, Selfish Wants
My bag was heavy
I took it off my back
And laid it on the ground
How do you prostrate?
When you’re falling around with the weight?
Pressing my head to the ground
I shake with the thought
That I was truly not up to this Task
Eyelids closed
The world spins outwards
As though the World wants to run away from me
Not on the sensation of it on the nostrils
That is Mindfulness of Feeling
Not on the movement of the air
That is Mindfulness of the Element
It’s the arising
Followed by the ceasing
The In
Followed by the Out
Note: There is the breath
In it goes
Out it flows
Mindfulness of the feet
The world slows
Only the Perfected are Worthy
But then the Perfected
Do not worry about being worthy
Only the Perfected are Blameless
But then the Perfected
Do not worry about blame
So Fool!
There is no Cleansing to be done
There is no fool
And there is no such thing as Cleansing
You’ve swept the floor clean yesterday
Tomorrow the wind brings more leaves
Why anguish? You did well yesterday
Unless there is no more floor
Unless there is no more wind
Then there would be no more leaves
And no more sweeping
So if there be leaves
Let’s just sweep again
Grasp your hands
Hold the fruits of your contemplation tight
Having understood
Get up from your kneeling
There is no Forceful pushing
There is no guilt and no wrong deeds
The past is the past
The future is the future
The present is NOW
Pick up your heavy bag
And Smile, as you step back into the World
Before bowing to the Sarira
Put down your Burden
During your enlightenment
One will Let Go
After bowing to the Sarira
Pick up your Burden
After your enlightenment
One Carries On with his way

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