The beginning of a series of endings

An uncle just passed away.
Though not close, though not sad.
This is a sign to me.
A reminder.
This is the beginning of the endings to people whom I have known.
First was my grandpa.
From the seventh level he leapt.
A terrible ending.
Though I have not wept.
Barely two months back was my own father.
On the bed one week he slept.
The fading of colour from the face.
The last minutes, in my mind, in stone, are forever set.
Today my mother’s brother.
Tomorrow? Whom else?
Funerals, one after another.
Woe to the foolish who think
Aging, sickness and death
Are not here yet.
Empty, empty, everything is empty,
Like a fool I am, me and my foolish pre-occupations.
Comedy, comedy, black is this comedy,
Like a blind madman, self-absorbed without cessation.

1 Comment

  1. Tan said,

    22 September 2006 at 00:59

    That is no beginning as u cannot trace it, that is no ending as u cannot really confirm it…….it is all just a cycle….in this cycle we live…therefore we must learn to live with it…be strong and practise well….then we can understand this cycle and eventually get out of it….

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