Only I know the possible reasons for screwing up

Now that the 49 days have ended (is it just a coincidence or what?), I no longer feel such a powerful sense of conviction for myself running for that crazy post…
In terms of moral values, I am nowhere as upright as the past few presidents that I’ve met. 27th Cindy – well versed in the dharma, strong in moral values. 26th Siling – gentle, humble, epitome of kind morality. 25th Sabrina – strong follower of the Buddhadhamma, unwavering in righteousness. 24th Vincent – what little I know of him, 100% a more moral person than I am.
In terms of capability? I screwed up NUS wushu. Small little NUS Wushu. What makes me think I can do a good job in as large a place as NUS BS? I am all talk no action, loner worker, untrusting of others, procrastinator, happy-go-heck-care, backstabber, saikang-pusher, hypocrite, unrealistic idealist, self-assuming, you-name-it.
OMG what have I done?
Please, give me some luck.
For one year.

1 Comment

  1. Irwin said,

    6 September 2006 at 01:31

    hey kwek haha this is my first visit! dun mind if i link u rite?
    anyway, u exaggerate.. i dun see any of those negative qualities in you (ok, mebe some.. mwhaha)..
    i dunno wat r ur considerations but to prevent regrets of any sort, i\’ll say just go for it (if you\’ve not already have)…

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