The day after shitty days…

It doesn’t take much to make your day a shitty one. Knock over a pack of just-bought snacks from 7-11; Heaving a deep breath and counting to ten, I go back to my room to find the mee goreng I bought at fongseng tasty soggy and totally S-H-I-T-T-Y. That’s all that it takes to make me…
…count to ten TWICE.
But there’s always something to look forward, to no matter how shitty your day gets. And what’s that? It’s tomorrow.
If tomorrow isn’t as shitty as today, you’d think, "Hey today wasn’t as shitty as yesterday, yay."
If tomorrow was shittier than today, you’d think, "Well, at least yesterday wasn’t that bad, yay."
But then again, if eating soggy mee goreng can make me breathe heavily, I’m not that optimistic a person, am I? Hehe…

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