The Demons went away, the Imps stayed.

Act 1 Scene 1 – Somewhere, sometime, some protagonist.
Ever felt like being totally alone in the dark? Yet wishing you weren’t?
Ever felt moody for no hell of a reason? Felt hell of a moody for no reason?
Ever wanted to tell everyone that you don’t want to talk to anyone? Paradox?
I have.
Pissed? Disgruntled? Depressed? Glum? Why? No idea.
Just feel like wasting my life away. Feel like just rotting. Don’t feel like doing anything. Just wanna stare at the ceiling. Yes idea. But don’t wanna face it. Don’t wanna admit it.
Don’t give me those pat-on-the-backs. Don’t leave silly words of encouragement. Just pretend you never read this. This post is invisible. I don’t wanna hear anyone mention it. Don’t talk like you know me. No one knows me. I wear masks all the time.
Just go away.
(Slams door. Lights off. Turns the bolt.)

1 Comment

  1. Janyn said,

    1 March 2006 at 21:42

    Lalalalala…..Qoo Qoo..Keke

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