Political power, and astrology

What if countries had astrological signs?
The Mainland Chinese are hardworking, headstrong and smart. Historically, the Chinese had been ahead of the rest of the world in terms of science and the arts. And they were also proud. Overly proud, self-important, thinking themselves to be the centre of the world, and the foremost civilisation, throughout the dynasties. Only politically, we had been underdeveloped, leading our being backward from end-Qing to the Cultural Revolution. But now, the genetic intelligence and drive of the Chinese (as well as their traditional Nationalistic sentiment) have come to the fore. First learning from the Westerners, staking everything they have, as a smart-and-daring Chinese gambler would do, and now clamouring for more power and recognition of its rising status, China would be of Capricorn.
Americans are innovative and attention-seeking. Their creativity was borne out of migrants from so many different places banding together to create a new society in a foreign land. Wanting to be different, daring to be different, they advanced and explored scientific and economic boundaries more aggressively than anyone else. Since rising to power, they view their current position with great pride: no one can take their place as the world’s leader (or so they think). Loud mouthed, showy and always wanting to butt into every country’s business, they are like the great Leo, none more apt to describe them.
And so what happens when the Great Mountain Goat clashes territory with the King of the Plains?
If all countries had astrological signs, we could see which astrological signs are associated with power.
The Powerhouses.
Leo and Capricorn, as mentioned, are well poised to work towards great political and economic influence. Aries, while flighty in nature, has so much drive that it burns a path through history. Taurus, also, with steady, mighty footsteps and goal-oriented mindsets, slowly work their way up the world stage. What countries are Aries and Taurus in nature?
The Medium Achievers.
Libra, with charm and judgement, achieve alot easily. However, their easy-going nature and indecisiveness makes them unsuitable to be world leaders, only advisors. Virgoans, although with an eye for details and inhuman intensity will be reckonable, lack that charisma and intellectual freedom. Cancer will mother the world… and remain just that, only a mother. Living in the past, given respect out of respect, they cannot be the head of the family.
The Rest of the Crowd.
Pisces, needless to say, lives in its own world. Such a country has dreamy seaports and romantic hillsides, nothing more, and easily destroyed by fires of war. Aquarians and Gemini are similar; one is preoccupied with its own thoughts, sometimes plagued by anarchy, the other ambivalent, lost in direction, but both happy-go-lucky. Sagitarius, bordering between Middle-Achieving and the Crowd, has some drive, some creativity, but too much explorative nature to ensure it trots anywhere but to power.
The Dark Unknown.
Needless to say, the Scorpio. A country of mystery, secret amibitions and unknown powers, either it suddenly (and terribly, destructively) takes over the world, or it is forever embroiled in internal struggles…
An original article totally written by me :D.

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  1. Wei Cheng said,

    26 January 2006 at 08:23

    Russia tends to be taurian i guess. Not exactly THE powerhouse but refusing to bow to external pressure if only for it\’s own benefits (eg. it\’s stance on Iran obtaining nuclear capabilities and it\’s 1bil stake in the nuclear powerplant contract). Piss off, Bush. Here comes the bull.

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