The right way to teach Biochemistry and Metabolism

Alot of people have heard me whine that I hate biology at the molecular and cellular levels. Actually deep down inside that’s not true. I actually like biochemistry alot. Otherwise why do I like organic chemistry so much?
It’s just that all the profs and teachers I’ve met have been teaching it in such a haphazard way. It’s like without a focus, an objective.
Why learn biochemistry?
When someone throws you one of those common biochemicals, like fructose, or histidine, and you immediately can visualise where can it be synthesized in your cells? where will it go to from there? how it interconverts to give you all the other amazing stuff that makes your body tick as a whole? When I can visualise that crazy metabolical map, it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Haha.
That’s what biochemistry should be about.
It relates the weird stuff you eat to the physiology of the body. From this physiology, you get to understand all the other more interesting stuff in BIOLOGY, like diseases, ecology, even animal behaviour and bioconservation. The more MACRO stuff that we get so entranced when watching National Geopgraphic or Discovery Channel.
But nooo~, all those profs are more caught up with their little egoistic researches in their labs. Like frogs living in a well, they dun emphasize on conveying that general mapping to LIFE. Those teachers in secondary and junior colleges are more caught up in training their students to answer typical Cambridge questions, the best answers that give you the best marks. All the fun was taken out of it.
But now, after learning the quaint little details about glycolysis and gluconeogenesis, energy storage, fat metabolism, interconversions of amino acids and multiple facets of nucleotide derivatives, and how all these merge in constant flux with each other in that amazing gel, regulated by the bigger picture of hormones and enzymes, and the unity of the whole organism, I start to shiver in anticipation how that organism starts to relate to its non-living and living environment to maintain this body. Ecology. Zoology. Botany. BIOLOGY.
It’s almost as though my interest in Biology is reborn.
Hence justifying my choice to study Life Sciences. (Still luckily not in Medicine haha.)
All thanks to this module on Metabolism. Though no gurantees on the grade, this module goes up among the ranks of Quantum Physics and Thermodynamics and Government and Politics of Singapore. 😀

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